Be Heroic

We’re putting up the bat signal. Answer the call.

Why Donate?

Simply put: plasma saves lives.

The global demand for plasma to create these therapies has been steadily increasing over the years, but as of recently, it’s hit a critical mass. Now more than ever we need heroes to step up and donate plasma if we want to continue to treat those who rely on it.

Plasma makes up 55% of blood, and is one of our most critical components, as it carries cells and proteins throughout the body. Plasma is often given to trauma, burn, or shock patients, used to create plasma protein therapies that help treat a wide variety of chronic, rare diseases, and is still being explored today. 

How Can I Help?

It’s easier than you think. Get to your nearest donation center, donate, then go back and donate again! 

Becoming a plasma donor requires someone who is willing to save the lives of others, to be a hero. What does it take?

  • Are you at least 18 years of age, weigh more than 110 pounds, and generally healthy?
  • Can you commit to more than a one-time plasma donation? Plasma can only be used after you’ve submitted to a screening and returned for a second donation.
  • Can you bring a friend? Tell others that you donated.
  • If you are unable to donate, can you encourage others to do so?
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