Hero stories

Heroes don't always wear capes.

Meet the Heroes

who are donating plasma, working to build awareness, and providing expertise to build a community of donors. They’re saving lives.

Nicholas Licata headshot

Nicholas Licata


Headshot of Lori Motal

Lori Motal


Image of Dr. Charles Drew

Charles Drew

Roush poses for a head shot

Seth Roush

Victoria Picone taking a selfie

Victoria Picone


Berkemann sits for a headshot

Dave Berkemann

Central Iowa

Kevin Fellows headshot at the beach

Kevin Fellows


Rorey Smith poses for a photo while enjoying a trip to Hawaii.

Rorey Smith


Lea Jabre listens to music while waiting in the hospital for a treatment for her stiff person syndrome.

Lea Jabre

Beirut, Lebanon

Plasma helps save the life of a pregnant mother diagnosed with CIDP

Stephanie Patterson

“Without plasma, I would not have a quality life.”


Saving lives donating plasma to help those living with Evans syndrome

Barbara Napier

“My son has taught me a lot about life with everything he has gone through. He’s a fighter!”

Xenia, OH

Sara Vinson, diagnosed with Guillain-Barré syndrome (GBS) receives plasma-derived therapy.

Sara Vinson

“I’m still alive today thanks to IVIG.”

Gilbert, AZ

Plasma Hero Isaac Walker

Isaac Walker

“Not only am I now a regular plasma donor, we also want to raise as much awareness around the need for plasma donations and get as many donors through the door as possible.”

Otago, New Zealand

Kiki Wagner leads a healthy life with GBS thanks to plasma donations

Kiki Wagner

“I have had a full circle relationship with plasma and have realized the value it holds.”

Appleton, WI

VTuber, Ironmouse, shares why she believes in raising awareness for plasma donation.


“Plasma has given me an opportunity to live again.”
Kaitlin is a plasma donor to help her two sons who have hemophilia A

Kaitlin Bartholomew

“It felt so good to be able to give the gift of life!”

Charlotte, NC

Plasma Hero, Alice Drennon, tells her story as a patient living with Common Variable Immune Deficiency (CVID)

Alice Drennon

My Story as a CVID Patient

Houston, TX

Dehiri & Jesus - Plasma Heroes

Dehiri & Jesus

Due to changes in U.S. border policy, they no longer able to donate plasma in in the U.S.

Chihuahua, Mexico

Edgar Gomez, Plasma Hero

Edgar Gomez

Due to changes in U.S. border policy, Edgar is no longer able to donate plasma in in the U.S.


Luis Mayer - Plasma Hero from Mexico

Luis Mayer

Due to changes in U.S. border policy, Luis is no longer able to donate plasma in in the U.S.

Matamoros, Mexico

Celebrity chef, Nate Appleman

Nate Appleman

A recipe for a plasma donor
Group photo with Ethan and Amanda

Ethan McCullough

Brock Kartheiser

Brock Kartheiser

College Friendship Inspires ‘Super Donor’

St. Louis, MO

Father, Nemo, donates plasma for his young daughter, Daniela

Nemo Delgado

"Nemo also has a very special and personal motivation for donating plasma – his 13-year old daughter, Daniela."

Sandy Hook, CT

NFL star Autry Beamon plasma donation recipient

Autry Beamon

Retired NFL Defender Sees Plasma Donors as the ‘Real Heroes’

West Bloomington, MN

Woman holding frisbee after donating plasma

Gina Connelly

Meet this veterinarian who is already a four-time donor!

Philadelphia, PA

Plasma Hero Darian Sundberg after donation

Darian Sundberg

First Time Plasma Donor & Convalescent Plasma from COVID-19

New York City, NY

Family at the Beach Image

Aubrey & Jonathan Conley

It's a family affair for the Conleys

Maple Glen, PA

girl in front of plasma sign

Ashlee BeGell

A true team effort

Glendale, AZ