Hero Stories

Heroes don't always wear capes.

Meet the Heroes

who are donating plasma, working to build awareness, and providing expertise to build a community of donors. They’re saving lives.

Father, Nemo, donates plasma for his young daughter, Daniela

A Father Gives His Plasma and His Love

"Nemo also has a very special and personal motivation for donating plasma – his 13-year old daughter, Daniela."

Sandy Hook, CT

NFL star Autry Beamon plasma donation recipient

“As a football player, I thought I was invincible”

Retired NFL Defender Sees Plasma Donors as the ‘Real Heroes’

West Bloomington, MN

Woman holding frisbee after donating plasma

From Pet Doctor to Plasma Donor

Meet this veterinarian who is already a four-time donor!

Philadelphia, PA

Plasma Hero Darian Sundberg after donation

Darian Sundberg

First Time Plasma Donor & Convalescent Plasma from COVID-19

New York City, NY

Family at the Beach Image

Aubrey & Jonathan Conley

It's a family affair for the Conleys

Maple Glen, PA

girl in front of plasma sign
A true team effort

Glendale, AZ

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