Addressing Our Plasma Heroes


Earlier this week there was a Business Insider report on plasma donations and the prospect of a global plasma shortage. While there was some great information shared in the story, the content and tone of the report underscored how important it is to continue to recognize plasma donors as the true lifesaving heroes that they are! Each donor has their own motivation for rolling up their sleeves, but we all need to do our part to express our gratitude to them and encourage others to donate!

With the global demand for plasma on a consistent rise, those who depend on plasma-derived therapies rely on generous donors to stay healthy amid a global pandemic. When we hear from someone living with one of the rare, chronic conditions who use plasma-derived therapies, we understand the impact that the heroes who donate have on their everyday lives. 

It's our goal to increase the number of people donating plasma and help those who donate plasma recognize that they are truly heroes, to showcase their inspiration to donate, and those their donations help through our Hero Stories

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