American Plasma Users Coalition


APLUS is a coalition of national patient organizations created to address the unique needs of patients with rare diseases who use lifesaving plasma protein therapies. The organizations representing these patients share a common desire to ensure that the patient voice is heard when relevant public policies, regulations, directives, guidelines, and recommendations affecting access to safe and effective therapy and treatment are considered. Together, our coalition represents more than 125,000 Americans living with chronic disorders dependent upon plasma protein therapies for their daily living. Safety is of utmost concern to APLUS: we believe that plasma collection regulations should always prioritize the safety of the donor and the safety of the eventual plasma user. 

APLUS is proud to honor plasma donors as heroes. On behalf of the many people living with rare complicated diseases, APLUS thanks all plasma donors for their dedication to helping others. Without medicines created from source plasma, many patients represented by APLUS member organizations would not have the lives they are currently living now. To learn more about the plasma-using community, visit each member organization’s website to learn about each community and their work to help patients live their best lives while using plasma-derived medicines.

APLUS Member Organizations:

Alpha-1 Foundation -

Coalition for Hemophilia B -

Committee of Ten Thousand -

GBS|CIDP Foundation International –

Hemophilia Federation of America –

Immune Deficiency Foundation

Jeffrey Modell Foundation -

National Hemophilia Foundation -

Platelet Disorder Support Association

 US Hereditary Angioedema Association –

World Federation of Hemophilia -

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