Plasma Donors at the Border: An International Concern


On June 15, 2021, the U.S. Customs and Border Protection announced an immediate reversal of a policy regarding permissible activities Mexican nationals with B1/B2 visas. In this case, it means that they are no longer permitted into the United States to donate plasma. 

ProPublica shared an article called ‘The U.S. Is Closing a Loophole That Lured Mexicans Over the Border to Donate Blood Plasma for Cash’ that commented on opinions about the U.S. Customs and Border Protection restricting Mexican nationals from donating plasma in the United States. Unfortunately, this ProPublica piece (and other articles by local publications) portray plasma donation in an unfavorable light. 

Many organizations, like the Immune Deficiency Foundation, APLUS, and PPTA are working hard to reach decision-makers to let them know how detrimental this practice will be to individuals who rely on plasma. 

We know that people donate plasma safely every day. That plasma is then used to save the lives of those around the world through plasma-derived therapies or through emergency medical needs. In fact, plasma collected in the United States provides plasma-based therapies for citizens all over the world, including Mexico itself.

We know that those who donate plasma are heroes, and without the ongoing donations of Mexican heroes, the supply of plasma will continue to decline. We’ve said this before, but now more than ever, we need heroes to step up and donate. 

We need all the help we can get, and if heroes across the border are willing to answer the call, we should let them. 

See below to read responses from the communities and organizations that rely on plasma. As more come out, we will continue to update this section.

Immune Deficiency Foundation Responds to DHS Decision

PPTA Responds to ProPublica Article

GBS | CIPD Foundation Letter on Border Plasma Collection Position

APLUS Letter: Concerns Regarding Donation of Source Plasma Near the U.S.-Mexico Border

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Plasma Donors at the Border: An International Concern


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